Zero Waste Production

How It's Made.

Bunglo is committed to using the highest quality materials, paying attention to those small details (that maybe only we notice) and supporting sustainable manufacturing processes locally and afar. We are not just a home decor brand, but a culture focused around creating a brighter tomorrow!

Your Pillows, Made-To-Order

Each of our products are made-to-order in the USA. This ensures that we do not create waste or overproduce– we only make what you buy! This system is better for the environment and means that we can very easily pay attention to each and every detail of your product, as opposed to the process of bulk production. We check each product for quality and are confident in our team's production. Because of our made-to-order process, lead time is 2-3 weeks for production and shipping. Your order may take a little longer to get to you, but we promise it will be well worth the wait! We thank you for supporting small batch production and making ethical purchases.