Where Summer Blooms All Year Round

Handcrafted by Shay Spaniola, Bunglo's Marigold Collection features unique floral patterns designed to bring the vibrant energy of summer inside and elevate the beauty of everyday moments.

Now Even More Delightful with Matching Printed Bags

Experience Bunglo pillows like never before! We're thrilled to introduce our brand new matching printed bags for every pillow purchase. Now, you can not only elevate your home décor with our luxurious cushions, but also store them beautifully or gift them with a touch of coordinated elegance.

Drift off in Floral Luxury

Delicate contrasting piping adds a touch of luxury, elevating these pajamas from simply comfortable to undeniably chic. Whether cozying up with a good book or enjoying a relaxing night in, the Marigold Pajamas guarantee a touch of everyday indulgence.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"These pillows are amazing! The print, the colors, the materials - I love everything about them."
— Carrie C.
Customer reviews
"Fantastic design, soft but sturdy fabric, plump, plush pillow. An A-1 gorgeous cheerful addition to the couch!"
— Kathleen O.
Customer reviews
"I love Bunglo’s fabrics. The patterns lend themselves to a tranquil mood."
— Janet S.

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The Marigold Wallpaper Collection

Transform your space with Shay Spaniola's vibrant marigold design, bringing sunshine and elegance to your walls.