Bunglo x Noonday Clothing

Bunglo prints are now available in a limited edition collection of fair trade dresses and blouses.

Jungle Hues

Vibrant hues of emeralds are intertwined with the enchanting coral tones to evoke feelings of luxury, sophistication, and timeless elegance.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"These pillows are amazing! The print, the colors, the materials - I love everything about them."
— Carrie C.
Customer reviews
"Fantastic design, soft but sturdy fabric, plump, plush pillow. An A-1 gorgeous cheerful addition to the couch!"
— Kathleen O.
Customer reviews
"I love Bunglo’s fabrics. The patterns lend themselves to a tranquil mood."
— Janet S.



Curated art to bring life into your home. Pairs seamlessly with all collections of fabric and pillows. Choose from unique artisanal prints, travel photography and graphic art prints. Framing options available.


Your fabric go-to. Choose from hundreds of patterns available by the yard in luxurious organic cotton sateen as well as a cotton linen blend. Bunglo fabric is perfect for upholstery, curtains, and any home renovation projects– it has been an interior designer favorite for years.


Luxury accent pillows that up-level your basic throw cushion. If you're looking for a simple home transformation, our pillows will bring a new vibe into any setting. Each pillow is made to order, with high quality materials, in the USA.

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