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(512) 409-9944
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Mon-Sat / 9am-6pm


The Refinery ( bunglo ) / 612 Brazos St. Austin, TX 78701

bunglo's now available at the New Frankie Jean @ The Refinery Shop Mon-Fri (10am - 6pm) Sat (11am - 5pm) 

The Refinery ( bunglo ) / 612 Brazos St. Austin, TX 78701

bunglo's now available at the New Frankie Jean @ The Refinery Shop Mon-Fri (10am - 6pm) Sat (11am - 5pm) 

Mon-Sat / 9am-6pm

The Studio

The studio is where the bunglo magic happens! Shay spends her days creating original works of art, designing new projects and creating unique photoshoots to share the bunglo story. Based in Austin, Texas - bunglo offices out of The Refinery space downtown.

Meet the Founder

Hi! My name is Shay, founder and designer for bunglo. I began my entrepreneurship journey at the age of 5 by selling my coloring book pages on the playground for a quarter. In third grade, I turned my hemp necklace hobby into a side hustle and started a photography business at the age of 18. I have a passion for creative business and living life like art!

"The idea that we can create a sacred space for ourselves to feel free, create and find happiness is my mission for bunglo."

Painting Rainbows Since 1993

" I started with puffy paint sweatshirts, animal drawings and doodling all over everything." 

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, I received a BFA from the University of Michigan and shortly after graduating, moved to southern Spain to teach english. I spent my 20's traveling as a documentary photographer and artist.

It All Started...

With  my  love  for  home  decor,  I  began  experimenting  with  pattern  design  and  learned  how  to  sew  my  first  pillow  from  watching  a  DIY  tutorial  on  youtube  at  the  age  of  25!  (Yes,  this  is  why  I  started  with  pillows!)  I  sent  my  first  few  samples  to  Anthropologie,  Bloomingdales  and  Neiman  Marcus  and  received  orders  that  grew  bunglo  almost  overnight!

When I was little, I would rearrange my room constantly. I'd create new floor plans with to-scale drawings of my furniture and spend days trying to find the perfect bedding in my parents mail order catalog stacks.

"I'm a big believer in what we surround ourselves in is what we become. I combine the principles of feng shui and color therapy into all of my patterns and believe colors can change our moods. I'm a personal fan of neutral furniture, white walls and adobe everything. I love mid century modern classic pieces, mixing vintage and global finds, mix-matching bedding to create a cozy sleep and changing pillows for the seasons."

There's something special about using cloth napkins, filling your walls with inspirational art and choosing to stay in on a Friday to be present rather than staying out late. I find inspiration in the small things and hope my work makes your home feel beautiful, just like you!

xx Shay Spaniola

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