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Austin, Texas

Our Philosophy

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Our Mission

At bunglo we believe our colorful, energetic patterns put good vibrations out into the world; transforming living spaces into relaxing sanctuaries.

We believe in inspiring people to live creative and adventurous lives.

We believe that positivity, community and balance are the keys to a beautiful home.

We believe in feng shui, color therapy and saging homes for good ju-ju.

We believe in equality, global love and world peace.

We believe in healthy living and magic.

We believe in pilling pillows on the floor to make room for extra guests and not playing by 'design rules'.

Color Therapy

Color can have an amazing effect on humans. Color is not only seen with our eyes but also absorbed through our skin (pretty cool, huh!?). At a base level, everything is just atoms and vibration. Colors vibrate at different speeds and frequencies, impacting our overall vibration. Want to create an inspiring, uplight space? Use yellow! Looking to design a mellow, relaxing room? Use blues and neutrals to ground your energy. We've created a feng shui color guide to help you create a space filled with good vibes. 

Feng Shui 101

Social Impact

The world is our home and we are committed to making a lasting impact.

We work locally and far to produce the highest quality home decor in the most sustainable ways. Bunglo donates to Make a Wish Foundation and Orphanages in Texas.

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