Convertible Button Tank, Bagru

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You know those tops that feel as comfy as pajamas, but make you look like you have it all together? This is one of those. With a traditional Indian printed pattern on one side and solid back on the other, this brown earth-tone tank reverses inside and out plus front and back for a truly versatile top. Our Bagru pattern is named for the wooden blocks our Artisan Partners carve for use in traditional block printing.

  • Materials: Rayon, Crinkle Crepe
  • Measurements: V-Neck, Scoop Back, Button Closure, Reversible
  • Size 1: 25" Long, 30"-36" Bust, Fits US Sizes 2-8
  • Size 2: 26" Long, 38"-44" Bust, Fits US Sizes 10-16
  • Size 3: 27" Long, 46"-52" Bust, Fits US Sizes 18-24
  • Product Code: AV020UE
  • With Love from India


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