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Jump in with a splash of color to brighten your bunglo this summer! By adding color, you’re embracing that summery feel to keep your days vibrant and relaxed, just as they should be. Here’s how -

bunglo textile hand-painted pillows bunglo

add color // You know that one room in your house that doesn’t get you excited? The one with the door always shut so you don't startle your guests? bunglo's here for you. Go from startled to stunned with fresh pillows and a new duvet.

mix to match // We love combining textures and patterns and using the mix-and-match approach with our patterns! Give it a try and you’ll see why.

brighten your bath // Almost immediately, you know when a space is intentionally designed. But it's the moment when you slow down to absorb the artistry that you realize what makes it so beautifully planned: details. Let our shower curtains be that detail that completes your bathroom!

Now that your #bunglo is enjoying summer, it’s your turn! And on a hot (hot, hot) summer day (like today in Austin, TX) you’ve really only got one down. So, go jump in the springs and enjoy that iced tea!


shay + bunglo team

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